Things To Carry Out To Strengthen Security By Concealing Things In Plain View

This unique diversion safe allows you to hide valuables inside a common wall outlet

As soon as I moved to Anaheim, one of my concerns was securing the valuable belongings that I had. Purchasing a security vault had been my only choice in the beginning until a friend suggested secret safes which can be obtained over the internet.

Hidden wall safes may give durability as well as security however their size by itself makes it obvious for thieves to find these as soon as they have broken into someone’s household. Instead, I opted for small, inconspicuous safes which could perform the same job for a lesser price.

Diversion safes are extremely different from those that most people know about. That is because these are camouflaged as regular household things than may be strategically placed in areas where they look normal and also unnoticeable.

For instance, I purchased 7Up can safes which I put into the kitchen cupboard together with the real canned sodas which I have in stock. In fact, sometimes, I grab them mistakenly from their places because they look so real that I forget they’re storage safes.

I situated book safes in my reading corner, that keep my passport, identification cards and some money. A flowerpot safe inside my room’s terrace, on the other hand, conceals my watches, wallets and also jewelry in plain sight.

The bathroom cleaner safe which keeps the key to my security deposit box at the bank looks wonderful underneath the sink. To make it look more convincingly gross, I tossed in a filthy looking rug over it in order that not a soul would even dare touch it but me.

Procuring diversion safes has been among the greatest investments that I have made so far with regards to securing my possessions in the home. Considering the small amount of money which I spent on them, they have served me well for some years now.

If it were a choice between hidden wall safes and little disguised safes, I would definitely select the last option as they are less costly, whimsical and undeniably helpful for their compact sizes.

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