Concealed Carry Confusion

Wisconsin’s new concealed carry law goes into effect Nov. 1 and is a confusing mess.

What’s not confusing is the process to carry and what to carry. You need to pass an approved firearms training course to obtain a permit, which needs to accompany you, along with a photo ID, while you’re armed with a gun, knife, stun gun or a billy club, which are all covered under the new law.

Apparently brass knuckles are still out.

What’s messy is where you can carry – schools, law enforcement offices, courthouses while in session, jails, prisons and mental health facilities are off limits. That leaves businesses, churches and other municipal buildings in the position of deciding if they want to ban weapons, which they can do if properly posted. Many are considering their options before the law starts.

Here at the Tribune we have already posted a sign forbidding weapons. The pen might be mightier than the sword, but we don’t need upset people packing heat in our building. They’ll just have to continue taking shots as anonymous posters to our online stories.

Want more confusion? Unless tavern owners post signs prohibiting weapons, people can carry in a tavern – as long as they don’t consume alcohol.

I’m sure that will be easy to enforce. Hey everybody, Shirley Temples all around.

Here’s another fun twist. Unless a municipality bans it, we could have weapons show up in polling places. That could be useful, because sometimes picking a candidate is a stab in the dark anyway.

And at least they’ll have their photo ID so they can vote.

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