Self Defense-The Amazing Second Way To Protect Yourself With A Stun Gun

No folks I am not talking about throwing it at an assailant! I’m talking about a little-known way that you can use a stun gun that in nine on the 10 cases is just as effective as applying the stun gun and disabling an assailant.

Last week there was a story in the paper about a lady who lived in a suburb of Los Angeles. She had to walk through some dangerous territory on her way to the bus stop to get to work. She had purchased a stun gun two years ago to protect herself so she was one step ahead of just about everybody else. She’d never had to use it, but had practiced with it and knew exactly how to use it.

Small stun tools are great for female self defense because they can be easily concealed in a pocket or purse. Many even come with clip on holsters.

One day on her way to the bus stop she was accosted by an assailant who was after her purse. Before the assailant actually took the purse, she was able to reach in and grab her stun device. While the assailant was concentrating on getting the purse from her she activated the stun gun and the electricity stored in the stun weapon put on a sight and sound show that effectively scared the assailant away.

When activated all stun tools, no matter what the voltage, do two things: they create a dancing arc between the two prongs on the end that conduct electricity and they create a pretty terrifying sound of a snapping, crackling and popping electrical charge that is loud enough to scare anybody.

So that is the amazing way that stun devices can protect you without even having any contact with the assailant.

Small high voltage stun guns guns are the second most popular self defense product in the world. Only defensive sprays are more popular. They are on average 86% effective in disabling an assailant, allowing you time to escape and get help. They are hand held devices that when activated generate an electrical charge that causes the muscles to work very rapidly depleting them of blood sugars needed for energy. They work effectively as a non lethal self defense alternative to deadly force.

Hopefully you will never be confronted with a situation where you need to use your stun weapon. But if you do, as millions for women across the world are accosted, it is nice to know that there are two ways that stun guns protect you.


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